Elizabeth “Liz” Gaspari is forming a non-profit organization, The Liz Gaspari Foundation, mission: to fund construction of a hospital for women and children in Kabul, providing medical care for Afghan land-mine victims. An acronym for Building Respect, Acceptance and Voice through Education, BRAVE provides educators with tools, knowledge and supports pro-active efforts in confronting bullying. “As a first-generation Afghan-American, this foundation is important to me including the BRAVE campaign. Kids in schools need us to do our part, making sure children have support, knowing their worth which helps them achieve their goals.”


With the success of Gaspari Nutrition under her belt and pending divorce from husband, Rich Gaspari, Liz is excited for the future. As a busy mom, Vice President of Gaspari Nutrition and an active business woman, powerful opportunities come her way. She’s always interested in the prospect of new business, possibly in sports nutrition, introducing to the masses not just body building; supporting start-up companies, including Wine by Wives; and being the Executive Producer on the upcoming drama / thriller film, The Ghost and the Whale starring Maurice Bernard.