Liz Gaspari has been entrenched in the nutritional supplement industry for over fifteen years and her success has made her into one of the most powerful and influential people in the sports nutrition industry. Liz’s portfolio includes taking the Gaspari Nutrition brand from a regional supplier and turning it into a global presence. She is responsible for helping to build Gaspari Nutrition into a monster business that has generated over 100 million dollars a year in sales.

Over the years

Liz has single handedly developed massively successful vendor relationships domestically and abroad. Her strong business experience coupled with her ability to build solid and long lasting client relationships, helped Liz break International barriers and placed her product into the good graces of retailers across the globe.

liz-gaspari “I know brands and I know why people buy and know precisely how to turn a brand into one that authentically earns a vendors trust and a customers loyalty. People don’t simply purchase product, they are buying an experience and they expect that experience to live up to its promises. I’ve now got the greatest business team behind me and I am, once again, ready to make sports supplement history,” said Liz Gaspari.”

Other Interests

When Liz isn’t engulfed in her sports supplement work, her passion for the arts receives its fair share of her time – Liz is credited with being an executive producer of the upcoming 2014 feature film, “Ghost And The Whale”.
In addition to running her day-to-day business operations, Liz Gaspari is also a dedicated and loving mom. She manages to balance her work time with family time and believes in bringing symmetry to all aspects of her life.